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It is difficult to be focused and engaged at work when you are feeling stressed about your child care arrangements.

My Child Care offers you assistance to manage temporary childcare emergencies and with finding reliable, highquality

permanent childcare.

My Child Care Services

Your services include:

• Front-of-the-Line service – A guaranteed full or part-time child care spot (with six months’ notice). Once

enrolled, there are no late fees applicable when running late.

• Access to emergency back-up child care days for children up to age 12. Back-up child care is a service that you

can turn to if your primary child care arrangements are unavailable.

Services are provided by Kids & Company, a privately owned Canadian company that is dedicated to providing

reliable, flexible and unique and superior quality child care solutions to suit the needs of each individual child, parent

and employer, creating a healthy work-life balance.

How i t Works:

To find the most convenient Kids & Company location:

Visit https://www.kidsandcompany.ca/index.php/location/

To use the My Child Care service:

You must first register under People Corporation. On the enrolment form, you will need to provide your name, the

company you work for and your group ID number as well as your certificate number.

To register, complete the on-line registration form:

1. Go to www.kidsandcompany.ca

2. Click “Getting Started” and select People Corporation from the drop down box in the centre of the screen.

3. Complete the registration form. Additional instructions are included on the Getting Started page to assist

throughout the process. If you have questions or need help, call the Kids & Company number listed in the


To access Emergency Back-up Child Care:

You must pre-register, following the instructions above.

Once registered, you will be required to present a Kids & Company voucher when you take your child to the Kids &

Company location. Vouchers can be obtained from your Group Plan Administrator ( distribution of vouchers is at the

discretion of the Plan Administrator).

My Suppor t – Contact your Plan Administrator or Kids & Company at 1.866.MY.KIDCO (695.4326).

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Caregivers need help balancing the demands of caring for aging loved ones and being focused and productive

at work. My Elder Care provides you with access to expert advice, guidance and support to assist with

eldercare challenges.

My Elder Care Services

My Elder Care offers personalized nursing expertise to you and your spouse for caregiving challenges. It is a

program to assist you with caregiving and eldercare challenges for a loved one such as a parent, grandparent,

spouse or another individual that you have care responsibilities over.

Services are provided by Eldercare Select through First Health Care, a leader in Nursing Services, In-Home

care, Rehabilitation Services, Supplemental Staffing and Elder Care programs. First Health Care provides

corporate eldercare solutions to more than one million eligible employee members across Canada.


Your services include:

1. Expert guidance and support to address your specific eldercare challenge and develop a customized plan

of action. This personal consultation(s) is nurse-led and provides coaching, support and planning on

several key factors regarding the specific needs of an aging loved one.

2. Through a single point of contact, you have access to 24/7 nursing and personal care in the home of your

loved one. This is available across Canada and is delivered by quality-approved and monitored home care

providers. You are entitled to receive four (4) hours of “back-up” care assistance (personal support home

care) each year.

3. Twenty-five percent discount off FirstWatchTM a personal medical response system.

4. Access to an online personal health record which allows you to track, monitor and store medical records.

How it Works

To access My Elder Care, you or your spouse must first register by simply:

• Calling 1.888.327.1500 or

• Connecting through www.eldercareselect.ca. To register online:

1. Go to www.eldercareselect.ca

2. Under Getting Started, select “I am an Individual”

3. Create an account using an email address and a unique password.

• You will need to provide your name and group ID number

You will then be connected with a Registered Nurse who will be your Care Specialist. The Care Specialist will

listen to your situation and develop a personalized care plan for your loved one.

If you decide to use services beyond the initial free back-up care and discounted personal emergency

response systems (FirstWatch) you will be responsible for any fees. Care Specialists will work to identify

discounts and potential funding sources that can be of assistance.

My Suppor t – Contact your Plan Administrator or Eldercare Select at 1.888.327.1500